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Offering dedicated support in business and construction financing. Boost Capital specialises in facilitating short-term loans secured by property.

Our focus is on empowering your ventures with reliable and swift financial solutions, anchored by real estate assets.

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Welcome to Boost Capital – Where Your Financial Aspirations Meet Reality. Proudly Australian, we’re revolutionising private lending in 2024 with personalised, swift, and transparent solutions. Whether it’s nurturing small businesses, empowering entrepreneurs, or helping dreams come to fruition, we’re your dedicated partners in progress. Experience lending that’s as ambitious as you are, crafted to elevate your financial journey.

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Business, Construction & Development Finance Solutions

At Boost Capital, we specialise in Business, Construction, and Development Finance Solutions tailored for a diverse range of clients. From entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses, to construction professionals embarking on new projects, and property developers reshaping the landscape, our financial support is designed to fuel the ambitions of innovators and visionaries across various sectors. We're committed to providing robust and flexible funding that transforms blueprints into tangible successes.

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Eligibility Criteria

The main criteria for a Private Loan, are as follows:

Borrowing Entity

Company or Trusts (No Sole Trader or Partnership’s)

Exit Strategy

Must have a clearly defined strategy i.e. how do you intend to repay the loan at the end of the private loan term.

Examples may include-

  • Sale of a property
  • Sale of other assets
  • Refinancing to a traditional lender
  • Expecting business cashflow


Property is required as security for your private loan – Options could be.

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Vacant land
  • Development project
  • Apartment building
  • Industrial building or warehouse
  • Office building
  • Maximum loan 75% of property value







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