Frequently Asked Questions

Boost Capital lends to Companies and Trusts.

No, Boost Capital only provides loans secured by real estate with available equity.

No, Boost Capital does not have a consumer credit license and therefore is unable to provide consumer credit. We can only provide commercial credit that is for a genuine business purpose.

No, Boost Capital does not charge an upfront mandate fee.

Yes you can payout early and generally there are no extra fees.

In most cases Boost Capital does not require financials like traditional banks do. In some cases we require just a bank statement because we don’t look at a borrower’s serviceability. We are a business asset lender, that is mostly focused on the security of properties value, LVR and exit strategies.

We consider all circumstances on a individual basis, poor credit does not automatically disqualify you.

Yes, we consider all types of property and locations.

No, our loans are based on purpose, security, LVR and exit strategy. The borrowers age is not an impediment.

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